Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa and the black eye

Fall Fun!

Locks of Love

After -as if it wasn't noticeable
Allie told me one day back in March that she wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween and then she wanted to cut her hair and give it to someone who didn't have any hair. She's grown her hair out all year and made the cut after Halloween. There were a few times during the summer she made the comment about wanting to cut her hair because it was hot but then always followed it up by saying she needed to wait so she could donate it.


 Rapunzel and Pascal
 Gotta have the hair. Thank you Pinterest!!

1st day of school

Kendall's 1st Birthday


 Seriously who is can be comfortable like that?
 Kendall likes playing under the table. Too bad I can't just put up the playpen fence around the table.
 My little reader.
 She loves horses.

 Allie and Allan got to be on the float for his work during the parade. Oh boy! She was really excited about it.

 believe it or not this is the happy excited face.
We put Kendall in the baby contest. I guess the crying and throwing up all over the stage did not get us any points. Oh well I still think he was the cutest one up there.